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Business Planning

We have delivered large IT projects at companies like SAA, Stocks & Stocks and Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Many other small (6 months or less) to medium (6 - 12 months) projects have been successfully completed.


Over the years we have learnt how to reduce the risk of project failure.

We have adopted a project management approach that uses IT Solutions techniques

from general leadership and management standards, project management disciplines

and performance measurement best practices.


There are many reasons why projects fail.

Most projects don’t deliver the goods; some are cancelled before completion, and some just never complete.

In our opinion, one aspect of project management seems to minimize the risk of failure;

the success or failure is determined by the actions and activities early in the project.

Experience has shown that opportunity for project success is increased

where project initiation and scoping is done correctly.


We have therefore developed a comprehensive project initiation process

that is a facilitated workshop, together with the project role players,

that will guarantee a project definition and planning output typically in 1 day.


Custodian can facilitate the project initiation on behalf of a project team where after

the assigned project manager can take over the project.

Or, Custodian can continue to provide the project management services to manage the project/s.

Project Management

Our initiation workshop covers topics like:

  • Overview on Project Management.

  • Understanding the reasons why projects fail.

  • Project vision, mission and objectives.

  • Scope of the project and the outputs of each work package. Also clearly dealing with what is not in scope.

  • How to identify critical success factors for the project.

  • Measuring the impact and probability of risks and how to de-risk them.

  • How to identify project results areas and results indicators.

  • When do we have project success or completion.

  • How to determine the ideal project structure.

  • Communication and Feedback on project progress.

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