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TrendLight is a flexible and intelligent financial solution integrated with procurement, vendor management & costing functionality suitable for small to large enterprises.

Very competitively priced, per user per month.

TrendLight offers advanced multi-company financial consolidation in a multi-currency environment, including different hierarchies for management, statutory and tax reporting .


Various reports and reporting options are available, including graphical, excel and pdf exports.

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Based on expert knowledge, the system was designed to achieve:


Flexible electronic approval workflow functionality - levels and monetary limits - (includes transaction pre-approval, cost approvals at document line level and process approvals for key functions like banking information and payments) can be defined by cost entity (e.g., a user can therefore have different approval levels and monetary limits for different contracts).


Non-order based creditor invoicing, but still allowing cost approvals at line level through approval workflows.


Knowledge based user interface using ‘smart icons’.

Period-based reporting is not dependent on rigid close down regimes.

Document management at transaction line level.

Extended narrations at transaction line level.

Multi-company support with automated intercompany entries.

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Automated transaction generation from any previous transaction in the system.


Multiple budgets can be uploaded from Excel directly into TrendLight like budget, forecasts, allowables, rolling forecasts, etc.


Multi-currency processing (keeping annual opening balance exchange rates, recording transactions at daily rates with month end re-evaluations, flexible suppressing of certain accounts from revaluations, single currency transactions, automated calculation of foreign currency translation reserves, etc.)


User access and authorities appropriately configurable, based on role templates, but allowing for exception overrides and workflows.


User definable cost entities like departments, contracts, plant items, stores. Ledger accounts and Cost codes are linked to cost entities, allowing for accurate cost accounting.


Expert system support in key accounting functions like creditor reconciliations, with automated reconciling entries generated by the system. Previous reconciliation items (system generated and/or user adjustments) are carried forward to the next reconciliation.


Enhanced vendor management that allows for master data and compliance documents to be maintained in the system or via a web portal; accessible by your vendors. This module provides spend-analysis, comprehensive B-BBEE reporting and scorecards and ensures up-to-date vendor data. As a stand-alone option, this module can co-exist will your existing systems.


A practical procurement solution, allowing for requisitions and supporting attachments to be approved at line level. Generated orders are emailed to vendors and will include selected attachments only. Very efficient delivery note and invoice processing are available through matching instead of capturing. State-of-the-art creditor reconciliation and approval functions round off our Procure-to-Pay module. As a stand-alone option, this module can co-exist will your existing systems.

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